Possible Corps

Possible Corps:

Aire y Relampago (Air & Lightning Magitech Industries): – Corp specializing in the combination and experimentation of aerospace technology with magic. Note: Lead by the Lightning Bird/Quetzalcoatl (based on the floating city?) (Yes!  The floating city should also be completely built with strange magitech machines and engines.  Also I imagine the whole thing is an archology for ALMI.)

Chiquita United: – Corp specializing in bioengineering plants (primarily for food purposes), and seeking new domestication applications for new life on Earth.  Note: Former United Fruit Company/Chiquita United.

Major Locations: Miami-Havana Sprawl, Haitian-Dominican Sprawl, Costa Rica

Public Image: Chiquita United has worked hard to shed its negative image in Latin America that it earned during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Since the Crisis, and subsequent chaos and conflict, Chiquita managed to secure its role by offering food and "assisting" scientists and national governments in cataloging, utilizing, and destroying new lifeforms.  Its work in splicing genes between foreign and native plants and animals has led to a number of breakthroughs that have greatly improved the efficiency of food production, allowing Sprawls all over the world to (barely) feed their vast populations.

Private Motivations/Partnerships/Rivalries: Chiquita has a love-hate relationship with many firms.  New Horizons stands as the biggest competitor, as the work of the two often overlaps.  Consequently, a great deal of espionage, counterespionage, and sabotage takes place, with open conflict breaking out more than a few times.  ALMI and Grupo Carso have a far more dynamic relationship with Chiquita, working together or against each other based off their current projects and needs.  Currently, Chiquita has been dreaming of ways to parley its food position into domination over multiple sprawls – effectively attempting to transform itself into a large, corporate, nation-state.  This agenda – along with other motivations – has led it to covertly work with the terrorist group The Black Thorn, with undercover agents "leaking" information and research that led the creation of megafauna and flora that wiped out Puerto Rico.

Aegis Securitech: – Corp specializing in security, but also dabbles in arms manufacturing and testing, allowing to maintain the highest standards for its forces.  Worldwide presence and well respected among the elite.  Often hired by other corporations to supplement their own security.  Essentially controls several states due to their reliance on its protection, including several Caribbean states.

Major Locations: The Miami-Havana Sprawl, Puerto Rico, Grenada, and Associate Office in Yucatan

Public Image/Motivations:  A neutral force that is "above" the fray of inter-corporate squabbling; producing weapons, armor, vehicles, and (rarely) cybernetics to improve its fighting capabilities.

Private Motivations/Partnerships/Rivalries: Recently has been working closely and privately with New Horizons.  Aegis is primarily responsible for securing test subjects for New Horizon, including kidnapped civilians as well as its own employees – both willing and unwilling.  Purpose: working to develop "super soldiers" through various means (chemical, genetic altering, cybernetics, etc).

New Horizons: – A corp specializing in biomedical and bioengineering, including producing cyber augments, new medicines and treatments, and (more recently) genetically altering and splicing lifeforms to create new, useful, breeds.  Notes: Engages in widespread testing and experimentation on sapient life, primarily non-humans.

Grupo Carso Industrial Combine:  Originally founded by the incredibly wealthy Carlos Slim, the company managed to retain a strong position in Mexico over the following decades.  The corp is known for engaging in a variety of areas (engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing, etc.), however after The Crisis (or whatever we will call it), Grupo Carso managed to parlay its strong position into a dominating one; not only weathering the storm, but thriving while everything else seemed to collapse.  As a result, it almost blatantly runs Mexico, with a Helu descendent of Slim ruling as CEO and, effectively, dictator of Mexico, with only a token government left in place.  Note: Represented in game in the Yucatan? (Sounds good to me.)

Silver-digm Hyper Media: This mega-corporation specializes in all forms of entertainment media.  Including streaming, gaming, social media, etc…  Silver-digm also manufactures Sim-Chips that allow people to experience virtual simulations of pretty much anything they want.  Note: Also pays people to scrape their memories to use in sim-chip production.

Terra-Dynamics:  Corp specializing in raw resource and material extracting.  Responsible for 80% of the worlds resources.  Has great relations with most other corps due to the fact that Terra-Dynamics provides them with their required raw materials.  Eco-Friendly corps and groups despise their damaging and unregulated extraction processes.  Note: High  employee population of Dwarves.

Possible Corps

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